support from listeners

By Praying

Prayer is a vital part of the KSGR ministry. Your prayers are the reason the radio ministry has continued to expand and reach sould throughout the Coastal Bend and South Texas with God's love and salvation. This radio station is dependent on the prayers of our listeners, and below is a list of praise reports and prayer requests for this month.


Creation of a new radio app for Android and iPhone / compatibility with Alexa home divices

Connecting with local business ambassadors for God

Strengthening our signal with FCC approval


By Volunteering


If you would like to serve through volunteering, please let us know. KSGR has thrived on the support of our volunteers since its inception more than 15 years ago. We would love to see your face around our office.


By Giving


Thank you for your support of KSGR. If you feel led to continue your support our programming with a financial gift, please click on the buton below. KSGR is a 501c3 organization, and all financial gifts to the radio ministry are tax-exempt.  


Please be sure to select KSGR from the drop down list of the donate page.

support from listeners

Underwriting provides an opportunity to connect KSGR listeners with businesses and organizations throughout the Coastal Bend and South Texas. 

Businesses can benefit by using underwriting to make listeners aware of products, services and events. Not only will underwriting with KSGR provide a platform to spread the word about your business, but it also creates loyal patrons who will frequent an establishment because of its support of spreading the Good News to our potential listener base of 500,000. 

Each funder will receive a month of announcements that identify the businesses and organizations that support our mission. The 30-second acknowledgements will begin with, "Support for KSGR comes from..." and will include a value-neutral description of the company, its product or service. 

Support for 91.1 KSGR comes from Burbon Street Candy Co. Burbon Street Candy Co. carries more than 500 different kinds of candies, gormet chocolates and fresh fudge. It also offers a variety of specialty items like party trays, customized gifts and a large selection of sugar-free candies. Burbon Street Candy Co. is located in the La Palmera Mall on the upper level next to Dillard's. Dale and Beth Mills, owners of Burbon Street Candy Co., love our Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to serving the community through this ministry.

Rates vary depending on the quantity of messages that will be placed throughout the weekly schedule. Rates may also be dependent on customized plans for a range of support. 

For more information on how your business or organization can support KSGR, please feel free to email or call 361-814-7775.

To comply with the Federal Communications Commission, KSGR follows specific guidelines for underwriting, which include ...


  • a value-neutral description of the product/service/initiative
  • location, phone number and/or web address for more details about the funder
  • brand or trade names that help identify the underwriter, but do not promote 


Also in compliance with the FCC regulations for underwriting, acknowledgements may not include ...


  • a call to action that encourages listeners to "go," "visit," "check out," etc. 
  • pricing information
  • incentives to buy, such as "15% off this weekend only"
  • audio jingles or sound effects
  • comparative or subjective expressions of personal views, such as "the best cupcakes in Corpus Christi" or "your first stop for"
  • language that speaks directly to a listener, such as "your," "you," "we," etc.
  • language that suggests one business is better than another, such as "award-winning" or "recognized by"